7 Best Approved Dog Crates That Are IATA-compliant

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Among various types of pet animals, the number of bringing four legged canine kids at home is dramatically increasing. And according to Harris Poll reports, over 90% dog owners love to be accompanied by their puppies while they travel too anywhere. However, traveling with dogs or puppies is not like a regular moving. It requires proper advance planning and lots of precautions to make the journey smooth and safe for your dog. Moreover, when you are planning to travel by road by your own vehicle with your dog, there is no need to carry your pet in any specialized carrier but when you are traveling cross country and air travel is the only way out, you must have to arrange an air travel specified IATA affiliated dog crate. So that you don’t have to face any botheration while boarding to the specific flight.

As a responsible dog parent, your prior concern is to give the best possible comfort to your dog while moving as any kind of traveling can create anxiety in your pet. You must give your pet a sturdy, well ventilated and spacious room to travel to your dog and train it to stay and become accustomed to the crate before the big day.

Therefore, if you want to provide your dog the gold standard comfort during transportation, you should research ample to find out the suitable crate according to your dog’s requirements. In this article, we will also try to ease your search by inputting a few IATA compliant dog crates followed by their features and advantages.

So, let’s dive in:

Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky Kennel is considered to be the best choice among all the other dog carriers as per features and functionality. It is a sturdy plastic constructed and well-designed carrier with air holes that provides maximum comfort to the pet and also keeps it stress-free inside it. It is open ventilated from four sides and 360° open steel wired visibility. It comes in several different sizes that start from 21″ to 48″ inches and also with a warranty of one year to cover any part’s defects or assembly malfunction. Its cost depends on the size variables. It also includes ‘Live Animal’ stickers and required food/water bowls or dishes.

IRIS Hard-Sided Pet Air Travel Carrier

IRIS pet carrier is known to be the most versatile air travel carrier. It comes in different sizes from 19″ to 34″ and very much suitable for different weights and sizes of dogs. It is a lightweight and durable carrier with 360° open visibility. It can hold upto 75 pounds of weight and the pet would go relaxed into it. It has double latch doors and two handles that can be transformed in one when needed.

Aspen Pet Porter

Aspen carrier is the budget friendly pick for who wants maximum utilisation of their investment. It is made of hard plastic and contains metal bolts and screws. The price is reasonable according to the crate’s overall performance. It comes with a coding system that helps to pick you the right variable as per pet’s need. The crate is easy to use and clean also.

Marchioro Clipper Ithaka Pet Carrier

Marchioro pet carrier is the premium quality air travel carrier that costs up upto $250 as per size variations. This particular crate has the maximum number of customer satisfaction certificates. The crate comes with adequate add-on facilities with it. Crate is open from every side and the door has spring latch lock settings. The crate also has an additional security pin system.

SportPet Designs Rolling Plastic Air Travel Crate

SportPet sir crate is a rolling crate that can be also carried as a trolley as it contains four detachable wheels with folding handles on the top. It has a 360° steel wired open visibility and ventilation system. Dogs of all shapes and sizes would be fitted in the different sizes of the carrier. The maximum cost of the larger crate is $110.

Petmate Ultra Vari Dog Kennel

Petmate Ultra Vari carrier is a good choice for medium to large canine kids. It is made of a durable shell and we’ll ventilate from the sides and back. All the large carriers come with required stickers and additional food bowls. The best part of the carrier is its parts require no tools to assemble it.

Remington RUFF MAXX Kennel

Remington pet Kennel is popular for its durability and security system with wired doors and spring lock security settings. It can hold loads upto 90 pounds and sizes vary from 19″ to 40″ inches in length. There are also other useful components provided with the carrier like carrying handles, additional attachments etc.